Sales Enablement Announcement – $400K in Software & Services Transformation

Sales Enablement Announcement – $400K in Software & Services Transformation

BidFin recently enabled a $400,000 software and services transaction for a leading creator and manufacturer of environmentally friendly household cleaning products based in Victoria.  More details below: #bidfin  #paymentsolutions #salesenablement #payments

Customer Profile: 
Manufacturer of cleaning products in VIC

Technology Supplier:

Technology Solution Overview:

The customer was purchasing a combination of software licences and consultancy services associated with the implementation of a MYOB accounting and ERP solution,  in order to create more efficiency in their supply chain.

Delivery Partner:

An experienced MYOB delivery partner seeking an affordable payment solution option for the customer.

The monthly payment option delivered a number of benefits for the Partner.

  • Facilitated a smoother sales process
  • Resulted in a shortened sales cycle
  • Faster implementation of the total solution for the customer

Payment Solution Amount:

  • $400K

Payment Profile & Payment Solution Benefits:

Monthly payments over 3 years provided the following benefits for the customer.

  • Avoided an immediate upfront hit to cash flow.
  • The ability to remit payments more in line with the usage and consumption of the IT investment being purchased.
  • BidFin’s software payment solution allowed for a streamlined  5- day turnaround from quotation to settlement.

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