An Australian based Fintech focussed on driving sales and cash flow for the technology supply chain.


BidFin is a sales enablement organisation through the provisioning of digital payment solutions.


BidFin programmatically provides Technology Suppliers with a suite of competitive and easily accessed payment options including software payment plans, managed services, hardware lease and rental options.


BidFin also has a unique Extended Payment Term solution allowing Suppliers to programmatically offer extended terms on their invoices for up to a further 90 days.

“To be THE
Payment Solutions
Partner for Business”

Driving Clarity

Being 100% sure of what we want to achieve and why.

Growth Mindset

Constantly learning and growing to better ourselves.

Outcomes Focused

Our efforts and actions deliver positive impact and drive outcomes.

Customer Obsession

Creating only the best experience for our customers.

High Energy

Being focussed, upbeat and engaged in our workplace.


Respecting our different styles and celebrating our individuality.


THE Payment Solutions Partner for Business



BidFin provides a suite of competitive and easily accessed payment options to support the acquisition and retention of customers. Our products cater for the entire IT supply chain and serve to promote sales and cash flow. 


Our programs and the finance products within each one are scaled to our customers’ needs, whether it’s our short-term extended payment terms facility for Resellers, enabling managed service offerings or longer-term software payment plans,  loans including IT hardware and managed services,  lease and rental options.





BidFin allows Distributors to:


  1. Boost market share – process more orders by clearing reseller credit limits
  2. Drive balance sheet efficiency – Remove contingent liabilities that are triggered by extending payment terms
  3. Increase profitability – remove internal finance costs incurred by extending payment terms
  4. Cash flow – get paid upfront and on time for every order
  5. Accelerate the sales cycle – remove barriers to increasing sales
  6. Competitive advantage – deliver payment offerings that provides a “best way to pay” differentiator 




BidFin allows Vendors to drive:


  1. Increased deal sizes – eliminating budget hurdles
  2. Balance sheet efficiencies  – removes contingent liabilities triggered by extending payment terms
  3. Profitability increases –  taking away costs incurred by extending payment terms
  4. Cash flow – get paid upfront and on time for every order
  5. Sales cycle efficiencies – lowering the cost of entry
  6. Competitive advantage – use payment terms as a differentiator




BidFin allows Resellers to:


  1. Programmatically offer Payment Solutions to end users for software, services and/or hardware
  2. Offer customers payment plans aligning the cost with the benefit
  3. Clear credit limits to process more orders
  4. Improves cash flow
  5. Accelerate the sales cycle
  6. Leverage payments as a differentiator




BidFin allows Customers to:


  1. Pay in line with the usage and consumption of an underlying asset
  2. Increase ROI of the overall solution
  3. Generate Net Present Value (NPV) savings
  4. Align payments with budget cycles


BidFin enables flexible payments across the IT Supply Chain.

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We are proud that they refer to us as “customer obsessed”. See below for some recent survey quotes.


BidFin is underwritten by a fractionalised loan account offering investors an alternative asset class and income stream.

If you are interested to know more about potential yields and liquidity options, please contact us at investor@bidfin.io



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