BidFin was established by Ross Simon (ex-Head of Microsoft Financing Asia Pacific) in 2017, to drive and enable sales for Technology suppliers with the provisioning of Payment Solutions; making it easier for customers to buy, deploy and consume.


The BidFin mission is to Change The Technology Purchasing Experience by allowing customers to enter into Technology agreements at a low cost of entry and realise technology benefits in line with how they pay for them.


Technology vendors benefit by being able to complement their ‘best way to buy’ narrative through the associated product benefits, with a ‘best way to pay’ differentiator in the sales cycle.


The BidFin Team has 80+ years of experience within IT Financing with a proven track record of driving technology sales leveraging payments. BidFin’s USP is centred around its access to lucrative and market-leading funding complemented by a streamlined approval process leveraging technology solutions and we commit to taking a true partnership approach with our Partners and Customers alike with an accessible and responsive team.


BidFin products range from short-term payment solutions such as extended supplier invoice terms of up to 180 days and longer-term payment options of up to 60 months for Software, Hardware and Managed Service purchases.

“To be THE
Payment Solutions
Partner for Business”

Driving Clarity

Being 100% sure of what we want to achieve and why.

Growth Mindset

Constantly learning and growing to better ourselves.

Outcomes Focused

Our efforts and actions deliver positive impact and drive outcomes.

Customer Obsession

Creating only the best experience for our customers.

High Energy

Being focussed, upbeat and engaged in our workplace.


Respecting our different styles and celebrating our individuality.