$70,000 Online Business Transformation Facilitated Through BidFin Payment Solutions

$70,000 Online Business Transformation Facilitated Through BidFin Payment Solutions

A leading retailer was seeking to transform their online business with a solution designed to deliver growth, build long term customer loyalty, deliver amazing customer service and support future expansion plans to new markets.    For their transformation, they chose to implement a Salesforce Sales & Services solution delivered by a Salesforce Partner (Arcturious).

The BidFin Payment Solution provided a facility limit that could be used to pay for the upfront Salesforce licenses and the Partner implementation services in both Years 1 and 2.   This provided dual benefits to the customer as it meant the business transformation project could go ahead without delay and reduced the initial upfront Capex spend into an ongoing manageable monthly Opex expense.

Customer Profile:

An independently owned online fragrance house, established in 2018 and rapidly growing.  They occupy a gap in the luxury parfum industry, their products are cruelty-free, gender fluid and hand-filled in Sydney.

Technology Suppliers:
Salesforce with implementation from Salesforce Partner Arcturious.

Technology Solution Overview:

The business experienced significant growth throughout 2020 leading to a re-assessment of the systems and processes they needed to set them up for long term success.The focal points of this re-assessment were;

  • End to end wholesale order management
  • Inventory management
  • Customer and stockist communications
  • Building a single view of data from across the business

The goal was to find a platform to facilitate scalable and sustainable growth and, empower them to better manage supplier relationships in Australia and help them expand into overseas markets.

To address the transformational business needs and support their expansion plans they purchased a Salesforce Sales & Services solution comprised of;

      • Sales & Service Cloud
      • Knowledge
      • Service Cloud Enterprise
      • Salesforce map

 Delivery Partner:

Payment Solution Benefits:

  • The facility provided several benefits
    • the project could go ahead immediately
    • monthly payments converted an upfront Capex spend into a manageable monthly Opex expense.
    • the flexibility to pay for Year 1 Licenses and Partner Services over 12 months and, in Year 2 enter a new monthly payment plan over a further 12 months for both the Year 2 licenses and any additional Partner Services.

Payment Solution Amount & Payment Profile

  • Monthly Payments over 12 months with a BidFin approved a facility limit to be used over 2 years.

If you have a customer that would benefit from a Payment Solution to meet specific budget or cash flow needs, talk to us today!     Email info@bidfin.io



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