Sales Enablement Announcement – $145K in Telecommunications Investment

Sales Enablement Announcement – $145K in Telecommunications Investment

BidFin recently enabled a $145,000 transaction for a metropolitan shopping centre in Sydney. The customer was purchasing a mobile phone signal booster as they had been suffering without mobile coverage within the centre since it was opened just over 20 years ago.


Their telecommunications provider, Powertec (experts in mobile communications and in-building solutions), was looking for ways to reduce the upfront cost of $145,000 for them.  After speaking with BidFin, they chose to instead offer the new solution based on monthly payments over five years.

By paying monthly the customer benefited from;

  • Avoiding an  immediate upfront hit to cash flow.
  • The ability to remit payments more in line with the usage and consumption of the asset being purchased.
  • BidFin’s Low Doc Payment Solution allowed for quick approval without the need for supporting financial statements.

For Powertec, the monthly payment option was an easier sale which ultimately resulted in a significant transaction for the Sales Consultant and an improved mobile telecommunications experience for both shopkeepers and customers in the centre.

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