Announcing a Payments Partnership with Epicor

Announcing a Payments Partnership with Epicor

BidFin is delighted to announce that we are partnering with Epicor, to provide flexible Payment Solutions to Epicor’s end customers, acquiring market-leading Epicor ERP Technology and associated Partner Services!

As Epicor’s preferred payments provider, customers will now realise the following benefits:

o Increase ROI by paying in line with how and when the ERP Technology benefits are realised.
o Staging payments in line with the technology deployment and consumption.
o Improve cash flow by lowering the point of entry of the total solution.
o Access to the right solution by being able to spread the cost across multiple financial years.

Customers can choose from monthly, quarterly, ramped, or even custom payment terms.

Payment Solutions provide the best of both worlds, access to the latest Epicor technology (best way to buy) combined with payment terms (best way to pay) to satisfy a customer’s budget and business needs.

If you want to learn more please contact BidFin

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