Schedule of Fees

As at 21st May 2024


Dishonour Fee – charged when a payment is dishonoured – $30


Suspend Payment Fee – charged when you delay payment of an amount owing to after its normal due date – $30


Payment Date Change Fee – charged when a request is made to amend the payment due date after settlement. First request is free of charge; however, all subsequent changes will incur a fee to amend the payment due date. This fee will be added and charged with your next regular payment of your finance agreement – $25


Novation of Contract Fee – charged when you request for an assignment or novation of your finance agreement – $749
Variation Fee – charged when a variation deed is issued to effect a change to your finance agreement (e.g. change of security; change of repayment etc) – $200
Guarantor Removal Fee – charged when you request the removal of a guarantor from your finance agreement – $200
Establishment Fee – charged for documentation of your finance agreement (as applicable). If the financed asset is purchased from an accredited supplier of the Financier, the Establishment Fee is $495. If the financed asset is purchased from an unaccredited supplier, business or individual, the Establishment Fee is $745


Partial Payout Fee – will be charged when the contract is only partially, not fully paid out – $749


Overdue Fee – this interest will be calculated at the rate for judgements in the Supreme Court of New South Wales, and such will be compound monthly. Please click here to see the current rates.