Deliver value to customers through flexible and easy-to-manage payment solutions

Unlocking the value of monthly revenue sooner

Your customers want to digitally transform but the upfront cost of technology can be a barrier. Delaying strategic initiatives because of a lack of cashflow for essential technology solutions can affect their ability to compete. As a trusted managed service provider (MSP) or independent software vendor (ISV), you have a unique opportunity to lower that barrier and help your customers accelerate their adoption of new technology, including cloud and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), with flexible payment solutions.


The challenge is doing this without putting pressure on your business or making it difficult to scale because you incur significant upfront costs to support your customers while only collecting revenue monthly over time.


With its new recurring revenue solution, BidFin lets you unlock the value of monthly, subscription-based revenue upfront. Leverage projected income to finance technology solutions sooner, while your customers pay for the technology as the benefits are realised. This significantly de-risks technology purchases for your customers and you alike, while delivering game-changing solutions that you know will benefit your customers.

Find out how we can help you change the technology funding landscape

Taking advantage of competitive technology financing options puts your MSP or ISV business in the box seat to drive your customers’ success. It enhances your role as a trusted advisor and helps you increase revenue for your business, while growing market share and processing orders more efficiently by unlocking the value of your monthly revenue sooner.

Bidfin is the payment solution partner for business

We’re changing the technology purchasing experience and driving revenue, sales, and profitability for technology suppliers with a suite of flexible and highly competitive funding options.


Based on eight decades of experience in delivering technology finance programs, BidFin’s proposition is simple: we do that.

Need extended payment terms while your supplier is paid 100% of the invoice on the due date?

Need asset finance, hardware-based transactions, and variable terms as well as the flexibility of an OPEX or CAPEX solution?

Hoping to fund technology solutions based on recurring revenue projections?

Facing changing market conditions and need to renegotiate terms or pivot to a new plan?

Need a solution for a funding challenge you’ve not yet encountered?

We do that.

Scale your business with confidence

No matter what technology your customer needs, you can say “we do that” with BidFin.

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Funding options for technology procurement

IT procurement is moving away from large upfront technology investments. Organisations are seeking flexible payment options and are gravitating towards as-a-Service models. This creates significant opportunities for MSPs and ISVs to offer funding solutions that meet customers’ specific requirements. Read this whitepaper to learn how MSPs and ISVs can help Australian businesses secure alternative funding solutions and onboard new solutions at a low cost of entry and with lower risk.

80+ years combined experience in delivering technology finance programs

Executives previously built captive technology finance programs at Microsoft, Canon

Partnership agreements with 50+ top technology distributors and partners

Direct commercial referral arrangements with global technology vendors

Diverse product suite driving scale, revenue and profitability for IT suppliers

Turn your future receivables into immediate cash

BidFin helps MSPs and ISVs:

  • 1 Increase deal sizes by eliminating budget hurdles
  • 2 Improve balance sheet efficiencies by removing contingent liabilities triggered by extended payment terms
  • 3 Get paid up from and on time for every order for better cashflow
  • 4 Improve sales cycle efficiencies with lower costs of entry
  • 5 Use extended payment terms as a differentiator for competitive advantage
  • 6 Receive immediate growth capital for reinvestment by unlocking the future value of monthly subscription-based contracts upfront
  • 7 Manage cashflow with revenue funding providing a range of payment options to customers
  • 8 Boost market share by processing orders more effectively with easy financing options, lowering the costs of entry.

“Gone are the days where the CFO just accepts a heavy upfront cost, only for the organisation to realise benefit from the solution slowly over time. Taking advantage of flexible payment options as part of the overall solution not only improves cash flow, importantly, it increases the overall return on investment of technology solutions by allowing organisations to realise value in-line with cash out. In short, organisations benefit by aligning payments with the deployment and consumption of technology. This presents less financial risk than a large IT investment, whereby the technology may sit idle until it can be deployed even though the cost is already absorbed without a return.”

Ross Simon, CEO BIDFIN

See how BidFin can help change the way your customers invest in and purchase technology

MSP and ISV partners

Why work with BidFin

BidFin takes a true partnership approach, letting your customers enter into technology agreements at a low cost of entry, realising technology benefits in line with how they pay for them. For MSPs and ISVs, working with BidFin unlocks future revenue, giving you access to cashflow right now to scale your business and serve your customers better.